2014년 7월 29일 화요일

[Hongdae] Drinking Iced cube latte at a cozy and peaceful garden looking cafe '밤 삼킨 별'

Hehe, hi all, I have so many places to post since I've been lazy with posting hehe
However, today I'm gonna introduce you some awesome place! :)
While I stayed in Singapore, me and my blog partner friend liked to go cafe hopping and this cafe called Necessary Provisions was one of the wish list kinda places for us to go!

Well, both of me and my friend went there to try the drink separately and it was awesome!
So after coming back to seoul, I've been looking for cafes where sells the same kinda drink. and I found this place called '밤 삼킨 별' which means Star that swallowed the night.

While browsing the place on the internet, I just can say that I totally fell in love with this place cos of the interior of the cafe and good reviews of their menu! <3

Here is the cafe
It's located in some alley in Hongdae. Quite near Style Nanda Hongdae outlet.

See? It looks like someone's private garden. I just love it so much


You can sit outside part of the cafe but the day when I visited was super hot so I decided to go sit inside. :)

As you can see, they display some of fresh fruits cos they have fruit juice kinda menu!

Their interior is basically about OWLS.
I don't know why but they had different types of owl looking stuffed animals around the cafe. However, it doesn't look creepy at all! It looked so adorable for me hahaha

The place is 2 storey cafe but the 2nd floor is more like some attic style.
And they also have seminar room so if you make an appointment in advance, you can have your own meeting room. At that time when I visited, I could see some aunties having a cozy and peaceful meeting :)

I went there after I ate lunch so I only ordered 2 iced cube lattes :)
However, they also serve brunch menu and it seemed like it was quite popular cos lots of customers who were there ordered pasta and brunch menu.

I heard that their pumpkin pane is very good (it's cream sauce based pasta)

As you can see the ice is espresso iced cube!
So how you drink this coffee is you just pour the milk inside of the cup :)
then ices will be slowly melting! and it tastes just like some latte but so good.
I'm a latte lover so I enjoyed it a lot a lot <3

After drinking our latte, I just felt that I wanna drink more cos my ices were not melted at all. So I asked the staff if I can refill the milk and she answered that I need to pay extra \1,000 then I can get a cup of milk.
But as you can see, if you add the cup it is smaller than the original one so should be considerate hahaha but I do think that I enjoyed the coffee so much :)

Name : 밤 삼킨 별 (Bam Samkin Byul)
Price : around \6,500 per pax (it's for the coffee not for the brunch!)
Address : 서울 마포구 서교동 332-32
Opening hours : Everyday from 11am to 2am :)

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2014년 7월 26일 토요일

[What to buy in Korea] Guess it's one of the most popular snack in Korea, Market O Real Brownie

Hi all, it has been ages since I posted any postings cos I've been busy with other stuff.
Well some of my close Singaporean and Taiwanese friends visited Seoul to travel so I met them for lunch and tea :)

What I noticed quite interesting was what foreigners buy when they come to Korea.
Since my Taiwanese friends asked me if I can join them to go Lotte Mart which is located at Seoul Station. Then I started thinking like 'HUH? Lotte Mart is everywhere why they wanna go Seoul Station one?'

Well the answer was.. cos it's the biggest Lotte Mart! (No offense, that was exactly what my friends said!!) So I just followed them to see and help them to buy some snacks :)
Mostly, my friends bought pack soju so that they can bring it back to Taiwan and some of Korean snacks such as Market O snacks, and seaweed kinda! :)

Then I didn't mean to buy anything over there cos I can buy anytime in near my house mart but I couldn't help myself buying this Limited edition Market O Brownie HAHA
I honestly have no idea why I bought it there cos a supermarket just in front of my house sells this too hahahaha

WELL, Here is summer special Real Brownie.
Honestly I have no idea what's the difference between normal one and summer special.
BTW, this taste is totally different from the normal brownie cos they got vanila chip inside.
They literally wrote that it's vanila chip but it's more like white chocolate to me

Oh they call this Real Brownie Blondie

They say it tastes good with coffee

I heard that Japanese like to buy this when they visit Korea.
I actually saw they really bought damn a lot of boxes of Brownies at the Lotte Mart.
Guess cos it's cheaper here?

Err It explains why it's called Blondie.. like white chocolate and vanila blah blah
Anyway their packaging is so pretty :) :)

Ok I opened it.
Normally I buy normal brownie one but they only had 4 pieces but this one got 7 inside!
I was thinking cos it's limited edition HAHAHAHA 

Their packaging is just so PRETTY!

Looks like this
Like half is normal Brownie but the other half is yellow bread (should be some vanila part)


Oops the focus is a bit blur.. sorry
anyway you can really taste vanila flavour!
For me personally, I prefer vanila brownie to normal brownie :)

at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station branch, they sell it as a really big packet 
(I guess maybe 7 boxes inside? it was huge srsly)

The one that I bought was around \2,600
but when I searched it they say it's mostly \3,000
Maybe I got some discount from the mart cos it's like one of the biggest branch like my friends told me hahaha :)

If you shop more than \30,000 at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station branch,
you can have tax refund right over there so don't forget it! :)

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2014년 7월 23일 수요일

[Garosugil] Light meal yet enough, homemade sandwich, Buccella 부첼라

Hi everybody, ytd I went Garosugil located near Sinsa stn, which got lots of shops 
and cafes,restaurants AND plastic surgery clinic! oopsy

 I and my friends were thinking what we gonna eat, it was 3pm so I didn't want to eat something heavy.Then suddenly Buccella's sandwich come into my mind!
so we headed to Buccella

Buccella serves sandwich and salad and some beverage.
It is located at Garosugil. You can go Garosugil from the exit 8 of Sinsa stn.
If you don't know exactly how to go Garosusil, just follow peeps lol. I am sure most of ppl get out of exit 8 are going to Garosugil XD

When u walking down along Garosugil, you can see Beans Beans Coffee (famous for waffle cafe) then you turn left and go into the alley.

You might see yellow featured store there. That is Buccella!
It looks like this, easy to find right?
Let's go inside!!!

It's quite small so if you visit on weekend, you might need to be queue :(
The time when i visited is monday afternoon so was free.

They have about 8 tables inside and 3 tables outside.
AHH I wanna tell something! You need to order at the counter first then staff will bring food to your table. cuz I saw a tourist couple, might be singaporean I guess anyway 
they wanted to order but nobody coming to their table to get an order so they looked like quite embarrassed. Later a staff came to their table and asked to order at the counter.
Don't forget order at the counter :)

one more!
they also sell some bakery near the counter and overthere they have some free bread and balsamic sauce n olive oil hehehe help yourself :)

This is menu
I've tried salmon, king prawn, tender beef sandwich.
among those my favorite is tender beef!
so I order it agn heheh 
but salmon and king prawn also good! I recommend them too
Also they have salad munu.
All the sandwich menu are served with small portion of salad so no need to order salad separately if you not really want to eat special salad.

This is Tender Beef Sandwich I ordered.
It's sooo fresh! Their sandwich bread is fresh baked ciabatta and veg also very fresh.
They mentioned on the menu that they bake ciabatta bread everyday morninng. 
I love ciabatta bread. this is one of reason I love buccella i think.
It's chewy and soft ummmm nice lol
It is well stuffed sandwich!! the beef is really tender and juicy like the name and the sauce is tasty. 
It looks small in the pic but when you really have it, u feel quite full

This is King Prawn my friend orderd
This was quite good as I remember 

I think Buccella's sandwich are affordable compared with other restaurant in Garosugil. cuz I think most of restaurant in Garosugil are overpriced. That's why I recommend this place in Garosugil. so if you have chance to go Garosugil, try it. you won't regret ;)

Name : Buccella 부첼라
Price : /9000-15000 per pax
Address : 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 534-22 상원빌딩 1층

2014년 7월 20일 일요일

[Hongdae] For coffee lovers and special drink lovers, 그리다꿈

Hi all, these few days I've seen quite a lot of tourists in Hongdae area!
Guess it's holiday season right? but wah.. srsly seoul is getting hotter and hotter
and the day that I visited 그리다 꿈, it was super hot and I felt damn irritated :( :(

I think Seoul is hotter than Singapore as in humidity and in Korea we do not really turn on aircon that much at home cos need to save electricity! 

Anyway, let me show you this cafe right away!
well this cafe is located just few steps from Hong Ik University.
This area there are lots of private Art institute since Hong Ik University is famous for art majors. I guess it's a dream university for art students.

It's the cafe Gurida Ggum (그리다 꿈)
It actually looks v simple and small right?

I didn't know they have another outlet in hongdae area which is bigger one!
So you can sit and chit chat with your friends :)
(also quite near from this outlet)

as I wrote above, this cafe is very small.
So there are only two seats (actually I was sitting there and drank my coffee but my brother told me it's the seats for people waiting for the coffee HAHAHA)

And I guess here's drinks are very special (some of the drinks such as banana milk..)
They have this sign that says 'WE ARE ORIGINAL'. I think lots of cafes copy their menus..

Here is the menu. well I can't see it well but from what I thought
the price was very reasonable compared to other Hongdae area cafes.

I ordered Ocho Latte which contains Oreo and Mint whipped cream.
well they say if you want Ice coffee, you need to pay \500 more.
So I payed \4,400 (actual price of the drink was \3,900)

Waiting Waiting
While I was sitting down on the chair, I saw this group of female high school students too!
Think they were there for going art class HAHAHA they ordered Strawberry milk drink :)
(I saw it actually has strawberries inside!!)

And I saw they also serve sandwiches, scones and some muffin kind.. I haven't tried but I guess people may order those menu at their bigger outlets :) :)

Yayee it came out!
they're famous for their huge quantity :) :) hmmmm good good

oh and it comes out with stick so that you can eat whipped cream and oreo easily!

For me it tasted so good cos I love mint and oreo!
well but for me it tasted more like mocha cos it was sweeter than normal latte taste
WHATEVER, if it tastes good I don't give a shit HAHAHA :) :)

Name : Gurida Ggum (그리다 꿈)
Price : \3,000~5,000 per pax
Address : 1) Small outlet - 서울시 마포구 창전동 436-19
2) Bigger outlet - 서울시 마포구 서교동 360-3

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[Hongdae] Best Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup 'LittlePapa' 리틀파파

Today we gonna introduce you a Vietnamese restaurant at hongdae.
This shop is my one of favorite restaurant at hongdae, 
everytime i wanna eat Vietnamese I GO THIS PLACE!

Just like me there are many ppl like this restaurant
so they have a queue almost always
BUT don't worry mannn
they have another branch in hongdae area too
later i will let you know!

Maybe you just wanna eat Korean food when you are traveling Korea
 (I know how much you love korean food teeeheeeee)
BUT Try Vietnamese food IN KOREA! how exotic hahahahahah
I guarantee the taste! I've nv been Vietnam
 but many ppl say that it tastes good as in vietnam!!

I've been 'Nam Nam' in SG, it was actually good but always i thought it's quite salty and the meat is not enough hahaha I am a meat lover so lol.
but this place's noodle soup is well seasoned and got lots of meat! 
and the soup tastes deep and clean so I thought it's very good for hangover HAHA
If u wake up with terrible hangover after crazy party at hongdae, I recommend you to go there and relieve ur hangover with the noodle soup! 

This is the restaurant.
It is located near hapjeong stn.

You can go there from exit 5 or 6 of hapjeong stn like i remarked
It's walking distance takes about 5-10 mins.
Alongside the street where this restaurant located, there are many cafes also!

This is menu. 
They have noodle soup, fired rice and  some side dishes.
Usually I always order with a friend like one noodle and one rice 
and adding 'cha gio'(no.18, it's fried spring roll). it's really nice. love it!
but u can skipped the 'cha gio' if you not really hungry.
I saw some girls just order one bowl of noodle and cha gio and share cuz the portion of noodle quite big.

This is inside of restaurant. 
They have bar seat and about 4 tables. it's quite small shop.
but the other shop near hongik unversity stn is bigger so you can go there if u worry abt queueing. later i will add address for this!

We ordered 2 tenderloin rice noodle soup(no.3) 
cos we wanted to have noodle soup for each one :p

They served noodle soup with onion pickle(양파절임) and fresh bean sprouts(숙주나물)
so u can put those in your soup as much you want if you want more, just ask staff!
I love to have lots of bean sprouts with my soup!! it tastes awesome n love the crunchy texture of bean sprouts!!!

and if you need some mint(민트), coriander(고수), ask staff to bring it out for u.
In case the staff doesn't understand what u asking for, i wrote down the name in korean() 

Those pics are what i ordered last time,
seafood fired rice (no.11) (/8500)
cha gio (no.18) (/5000)

Okayyy now i will let you know where is another branch
actually the other branch is bigger n many ppl doesn't know they have branch at hongik uni side so not as much crowed as hapjeong store.

You go out exit 8 of hongik uni stn and follow the line i remark!!
it will take abt 10 mins.

Name : Little Papa (리틀 파파)
Price : about /10.000 per pax
Address : 
hapjeong branch:서울특별시 마포구 합정동 413-15 
hongik uni branch:서울특별시 마포구 서교동 335-19
Opening hours : Everyday from 11am to 11pm

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